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Instead of quivering with lust behind your desk, share your burning desires with your Mistress. I need to know you and your masochistic tendencies. In order to give you the adapted treatment.

I’ll be listening to you carefully without judging, and when it comes to the session, you hand yourself over to my experience. Of course, I’m the one who’s deciding whether your request deserves my attention or not.

However, before submitting a request and yourself to me, I highly recommend you read the following conditions . It is important you understand what a session can and can not include. A session shall last for a minimum of 2 hours.


One of the most thrilling niche in BDSM is abduction. If you ask for kidnap you have to know that even before I answer all of your questions, a deposit is asked, as I invest my time in designing a made to measure complex game that implies a lot of time and organisation. Also, note that kidnap always takes place with a second mistress, my sister in crime. The only thing you have to know is that we expect you at a certain moment at a certain place, and the game is always fitting your personal preferences toying the boundaries of the forbidden..... 

(min. price 1500 euros for a minimum of 2 hours)

I get a lot of satisfaction through worshipping and adoration. For me it comes natural that men spoil me with gifts, fund my photoshoots and buy my artwork. 

New slaves are highly invited to show their willingness to serve me through giftcards. (See wishlist)

Surprise me.... 

    • With the slavegirl(s) of my choice
    • With the mistress of my choice. 

Either way, it could be a dangerous game.... Too much to handle? Let's find out !

For the passed two years, I specialized myself in hypnosis to get deeper into your fantasies and induce you in a higher state of mind. 

I also use ASMR techniques using the adequate materials. 


ASMR fits perfectly into my sensory deprivation sessions.

Absolute don'ts

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  • I’m a creator of soft BDSM videos with always a touch of elegance and glamour, I make it possible for my fellow subscribers to buy my short movies. My short movies are between 15 to 30 minutes of exclusive, full length videos. There’s always a slight touch of ASMR.

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Now that I received your request, you could make a fantastic first impression of yourself. How ? you may ask… Pleasing your Mistress with a gift is always an elegant gesture to both stand out and prove your devotion. Send your gift card to dominatrixathena@gmail.com

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